Dr. Bhupinder K. Gupta

Dr. Bhupinder K. Gupta is a pioneer in the Ayurvedic way of healing with 40+ years of experience in holistic well-being.
He is experienced in treating diseases by adopting Ayurvedic principles and concentrating on the body system as a whole. He is highly devoted to spreading authentic traditional Ayurveda and is known for his dedication, compassion, and expertise with a unique healing approach that includes body, mind, soul, and senses.

He works on inducing energy- Immunity or Ojas in the body system through the means of herbs, yoga, and dhyana and by spiritual guidelines with Hawan and motivation with Vedic mantras & chants. He is also the creator and promoter of Akshay Yoga. Akshay yoga methodology is based on ancient Yogic wisdom. It also involves Yogic anatomy/ infrastructure of chakra, Sushmna Nari & Kundalini. Ancient manuals of yoga anatomy, for instance, describe a network of several thousand nadis (subtle channels) through which the currents of prana flow, energizing and sustaining all parts of the body as well as the several thousand nadis.

Biomechanic is concerned by our own mind with principles of Ashtang yog.
The methodology is a concise, logistic & cohesive yogic practice of transformation of physical and mental energies.
Dr. Gupta believes that a strong foundation is developed by the organic movement of breath and concentration. We all have a dormant volcano of powerful physical and mental energies in side of us waiting to be explored and no disease can withstand this power of energy.
We as Indians are blessed to have-
1) VED- that provides us purity and clarity of mind.
2) AYURVED- that teaches us the meaning of healthy lifestyle and holistic well-being.
3) ASTANGYOG- that guides us to path of physical , mental and spiritual growth.